Lease Negotiations

Lease Documents –

Landlord commercial real estate leases are written by the landlord’s attorney to protect the landlord, NOT the tenant. If you’ve ever read a landlord’s lease – 30 to 50 pages of legalese benefiting ONLY the landlord – this fact is self-evident.

It is often extremely detrimental to the tenant to accept a landlord’s lease without negotiating changes necessary to protect the tenant and the tenant’s business.

And while we are NOT attorneys, we’ve negotiated more than 2,000 commercial real estate leases – more than most practicing real estate attorneys.

We review all the lease documents and make recommendations for modifications to the business points that safeguard and enhance our client’s business. With our client’s and/or our client attorney’s input, we negotiate all lease terms and provisions to our client’s satisfaction.

Just a few of the important lease provisions addressed:

  • Personal Guarantee
  • Operating Expense Charges
  • Rental Increases
  • Renewal Options
  • Holdover Provisions
  • Assignment & Subletting
  • Use and Access
  • Day and Hours of operation

Our mission is simple –

Provide our clients with unexpected value in fulfilling their commercial real estate requirements.

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