It’s a well know fact that when it comes to results, bigger is not necessarily better. By their very nature, big firms must concentrate on quantity, not quality.  As a result, they cannot afford to provide the high level of individualized service that discriminating clients prefer.

Virtually all companies in the Industry rely primarily on “sign calls” for their business.  This technique may have worked in “the good ol’ days” when many property owners were “knee deep” in prospective tenants.  With the advent of a weak economy, most companies cut back on their number of agents or attempt to increase the number of signs in an effort to survive.  This reaction has left owners cold with vacancies increasing and interested tenants decreasing.

On the other hand, a smaller “boutique” firm such as ours can be more agile and focus on specific client needs.  We respond to those needs quicker, and with a higher quality of service.  And by employing high-technology tools, proprietary databases and on-line resources, we have access to virtually all the information used by the larger firms.

More than 33 years of experience gives us the knowledge and expertise that companies like Kemper Securities Group, Public Employees Retirement System of Nevada, CIGNA Investments, Inc., Farmers Insurance Group, General American Life, Trans-West Capital REIT, Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co., Valley National Bank, Younger Brothers Construction, Maryland Investments, and Heron Properties, U.S.A. have come to rely on.

PROPERTY LEASING OVERVIEW – Over the past 33 years, MAS•9375 has remained an active force in commercial real estate leasing services.  As a small “boutique” commercial real estate company, we have handled more than 2,000 leasing transactions that include: office, retail & industrial space, from less than 350 square feet to more than 65,000 square feet.  These transactions range in value from thousands to millions of dollars.  Due to this wide range of experience, MAS•9375 is uniquely qualified in understanding the complex nature of commercial lease transactions and meeting the individual needs of the client.  As a result, MAS•9375 continues to deliver superior results to its clients.

Whether the project is large or small, well leased or distressed by high vacancy, our leasing services consist of three basic components:

Research: Several areas of research are explored in order to market the property more effectively.  It’s simply not enough to know the asking rates for other competitive properties in the market area.  In addition to the standard market research performed by other firms, we dig deeper.  We discover how properties are being leased and to whom.  With access to a database of every business in Maricopa County, we seek out potential tenants.  Factors important to value, such as trends in tenant incentives, rates, tenant improvement packages and categories of tenants, give our clients the competitive edge.

Marketing: It’s critical to properly expose a property to its best advantage in any market. Simply putting up a sign doesn’t get it done.  Leasing signage is important, but our marketing efforts don’t stop there.  Effective promotional campaigns are nearly an art.  Many years of experience have taught us the elements for success.  Targeting the right tenants, properly exposing the property to those tenants, and having the right answers when they are interested are all crucial.  You’ll find our marketing skills will work to your advantage.

Negotiation: Finding interested tenants that qualify is only half the battle.  Experience has taught us that an adversarial approach to commercial leasing is ineffective, at best.  We approach negotiation as “problem solving.” Effectively solving the problems that block a lease transaction always result in the best price and terms for the client. Generating offers simply isn’t enough.  Behind every offer are unique tenant needs.  Discovering those needs and matching them with the client’s requirements are an integral part of the “problem solving” process.  From tenant improvement packages to personal guarantees, no transaction is without its problems. Solving those problems in our client’s best interest is where we shine.


It is critical to the success of any lease transaction that ALL of these service components are handled expertly.  Attention to detail is the key.  Only through an organized effort are all the details identified and handled conclusively.  Over the years, we’ve developed a highly organized approach to our service.  Utilizing project-specific checklists to cover every area of our service, we can assure you that no detail is overlooked.  This highly-structured organizational system allows us to deliver the best possible service in the shortest period of time.

Our expertise in these areas consistently nets our clients the highest occupancy in the shortest possible time.

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