Purchase Representation


What Is It?

There are two sides to any transaction and purchasing Commercial Real Estate is no exception.  Sellers contract with Commercial Real Estate professionals to protect their interests in selling their property to purchasers.  It is the sworn duty of these Real Estate agents to secure the best quality purchaser at the highest dollar sale amount with the toughest sale terms possible.  They have virtually no obligation to serve the purchaser’s interest.  If you don’t have a Commercial Real Estate professional representing you, who will protect your interests?

How Much Does It Cost?

It is common practice in the Commercial Real Estate Industry for Sellers’ agents and Purchasers’ agents to cooperate in the purchase of a property for sale.   Sellers normally factor a selling fee into their sale transactions for payment to both the Seller’s agent and the Purchaser’s agent.  Normally, the fee is split equally between the Seller’s agent and the Purchaser’s agent.  We, as the Purchaser’s Representative, receive our full fee from the Seller through escrow.  This results in NO COST to YOU!

How It Works For You.

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser’s Representative to secure the most desirable location at the best purchase price and terms available.  This requires Purchaser agents to bring all their knowledge, skill and experience to bear on your behalf.  As your authorized agent, MAS•9375 will provide the following services:

  • In-depth market research and analysis, including demographics, traffic flows and growth patterns to help identify the most suitable areas within your trade area.
  • Site identification from databases of properties available for sale in your designated area.  Along with contacting local Developers, Sellers and Agents, our service includes the utilization of our relationships with a wide variety of national Real Estate Developers, Sellers and Commercial Real Estate firms, providing access to information on existing and future sites in your area of interest.
  • Site selection assistance.  Through site analysis of replacement costs, market valuations, rent equivalent analysis, along with other factors such as, zoning, parking, access, visibility and traffic volumes, we help you determine which locations to pursue.
  • Recommend, prepare, submit and negotiate “Letter Of Intent” offers on your behalf.  From the initial Letter Of Intent until a final offer is accepted, we will pursue each and every location to your best advantage.  Experience tells us that it is important to have choices in order to negotiate from a position of power. And to that end, we encourage our clients to allow us to actively negotiate for more than one location at a time.
  • Review, recommend, negotiate and revise all purchase documents on your behalf.  Once basic price and terms are agreed upon, draft purchase documents are generated by the Seller’s attorneys.  We review the purchase documents and make recommendations for modifications to important issues that enhance your ability to profit from your ownership.  With you and/or your attorney’s input, we negotiate all purchase terms and provisions until acceptable and final purchase documents are fully executed.  (This is not legal advice and we recommend that you seek competent legal counsel.)

MAS•9375 will represent your interests in purchasing the most desirable property at the best price and terms.


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